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There is something about custom carpentry which really pops in a room. Whether it is crown moldings that have been hand-carved or shelving that does not use particle board, proper old-school carpentry always shines through. That is why we are so proud to provide carpentry services to our clients here at Encore. Our master carpenters love what they do and can work with you to create the ideal piece or finishes you want in your home. So, what can we do?

Ceiling moldings in the interior, a detail of intricate corner.

Crown Moldings

Crown molding is making a comeback, especially here at Encore. However, we do see more and more plastic crown molding on the market; the real stuff, like what we do at Encore, truly pops. We will work with you to sort a design, and our experts will work on shaping and finishing your crown molding to your specifications. Once done, we can install it with expert precision to ensure that your room gets the treatment it deserves.

Background of brown wooden slats, texture of wood strips

Accent Walls

We have all seen the gorgeous accent walls on Pinterest and Facebook, but what if we told you we could design an accent wall that will blow those out of the water. We love this work and can work with you to emulate or create a new design for your accent wall that could soon start a new trend on socials.

Bright white colors throughout


No matter if you are thinking of putting in some shelving in a closet or a floating shelf for your recreation room, we can help. Our shelves are built to order, and we can work with you to ensure that they will be able to handle the loads you are planning to put on them for years to come.

white wainscoting and chair rail on wall of orange peach dining living room of colorful home house

Chair Rails

Whether you are looking for a chair rail in the office, the dining room or anywhere else, we can help. Chair rails are decorative pieces, but they are also super helpful in high-traffic areas to limit the wear and tear of furniture moving around. With our chair rials, you will get a custom piece that looks good and does its job.

Close-up of the room's white wood cabinets

Semi-Custom Cabinetry

Cabinetry is an addition to any home, and our semi-custom options will ensure you have the cabinets you have always wanted. Semi-custom cabinetry means that you can design the look, hardware, and wood choice from a standard set of cabinets. This kind of solution works well as it keeps costs down while giving you the customization most people want.

living room in newly constructed luxury home


The mantel of your dreams is only a phone call away with our team. We can install or replace any mantel in your home to your specific design. Whether that is American mid-west or mid-century, we can quickly bring your vision to life.


Custom Built-ins

From breakfast bars to entertainment areas, we are the dream makers when it comes to custom built-in carpentry. Our team will work with you hand in hand to design and bring your visions to life. We can do it all; if you can dream it, Encore can build it.

3d illustration of Empty shelves in modern white interior


This is not your standard Ikea bookcase, as the bookcases we design at Encore are truly built differently. Our bookcases are made to last for generations and can be customized to fit any book size you want. So, we have you covered if you want a bookcase for standard paperbacks or something to hold all of your photography books or anything in between.

Siding cladding texture seamless pattern. Vector repeated background of white slate or galvanized iron sheet. Corrugated metal roofing, profiled sheeting for covering roof or fencing textured backdrop

Architectural Finishes

The world is your oyster when it comes to architectural finishes. We can do anything you have in mind, from flake finishes to internal cladding. We got the details covered.





Our Service Area

We proudly call the great community of South Tamworth, New Hampshire home. However, over the years, we have expanded our operations to the surrounding 60-mile radius around South Tamworth, NH. This includes: Tamworth, Plymouth, Conway, Rochester, Sanford, White Mountains Region and more.

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